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TMR Mixers - ValMetal

Mobile Four-Auger Mixer
MW210, MW270, MW325, MW375, MW450

On the mobile TMR mixer, the discharge system features a fold-up conveyor and an hydraulically powered door to regulate the flow of feed from the tractor seat. Capacity ranges from 210 to 450 sq. ft.

VRotor Reel Mixer
6100, 6120, 8100

An efficient mixing system capable of providing the most thorough TMR available without destroying structural fiber in the diet. A sturdy machine, wear resistant and capable of cutting and mixing long stem hay without destroying the overall structure of the feed.

Rotary Mixer
MR80, MR100, MR120, MR200

Mixer's wide rocking hopper disposed at the front of the unit efficiently handles all types of silage.

MX-800, MX-1200, MX-1600, MX-1700, MX-2000

Because of the very low coefficient of friction of the tub bottom, the unique rounded shape of the bin and the efficiency of the drive system, the TMR Agri-Mixer requires low horseposer and can be restarted at full capacity.

Chain Mixer
170, 200, 240, 300, 340, 400

Features a heavy duty mixing auger with right and left hand flighting to blend the ingredients in the center, while the carrying chain with sturdy paddles create a tumble-mix effect for a fast, accurate mix. When in operation, the full-width paddles are pulled under the feed, initiating a tumble effect and pulling the ration to the front where ingredients are cross blended and pushed upward.

Stationary Vertical Mixer
V-MIX 400, V-MIX 575, V-MIX 700, V-MIX 900HD

Includes hydraulic door, manual door, door with electric motor, rubber extension, conveyor on right/left side, discharge conveyor on both sides.

V-MX 2.0 Mobile Mixers
V-MIX 400, V-MIX 575, V-MIX 700, V-MIX 900HD

Mixes a wide variety of feed including large round bales, square, baleage or dry. Versatile enough to handle any kind of recipe and was designed to accommodate any future requirements.

Fatmix Series

Unit can cut and mix a wide variety of products including large round hay bales, square, coated or dry. Its low profile designed with vertical walls and a larger floor than the V-Mix series offers to easily mix and chop several big bales of hay at the same time to prepare a quality TMR.

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