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TMR Mixers - Roto-Mix

Commercial Series Feed Mixers
540-14, 620-16, 720-16, 920-18

Available in truck or trailer mount. Mix ration capacity of 540 to 920 cu.ft. Feeds all types of grain, liquid feed, by-products, and forages. Ability to mix small and large batches with consistency, day after day, even with micro ingredients.

Commercial Series Feeders
800-14, 1023-20, 1200-20

Capacity of 620 to 1200 cu. ft. Unit uses two 30" diameter low speed augers in the bottom, bringing the feed forward without a boiling action to two cross augers. The cross augers then move the feed to the discharge conveyor for fast, efficient and even feed delivery.

Commercial Series Xtra Duty
540-14XD, 620-16XD

Maintenance free bearing design, superior lubrication, long life and smooth performance. Truck, trailer or stationary models available.

Forage Express
274-12B, 354-12B, 414-14B

Extra-heavy, small diameter wall auger tubes give maximum life with less maintenance. Hay knives are hard surfaced to provide a self-sharpening effect; thereby, cutting the hay to the proper length while giving the knives an extended life. Available in truck, trailer or stationary models.

Hay Pro High Roughage Mixers
403-12, 533-16, 653-16, 1023-20

Specifically designed for today's dairyman or cattleman who demand the ability to blend two or more types of hay into a complete ration. Blend 1, 2, or more types of hay as part of complete rations, or feed as a ration consisting of hay only. Adjustable height conveyor works equally well in bunks or on the floor in front of stanchions.

Oswalt D-Series Mixers
D200, D250, D300, D350, D425, D500, D575

The bottom augers rotate clockwise to work together moving material to the front of the mixer. The offset convergence point on bottom augers reduces torque which lowers horsepower requirements during tough mixing demands and gently lifts the feed to the top augers. Available in truck, trailer mounts or stationary models.

Vertical Xpress
VXT325, VXT425, VXT505

Twin screws for faster mixing and processing of long fiber material. Adjustable axle for loading convenience. Great mixer for all feeding applications, dairy, cow/calf, stockers and more.

VX Series Vertical Feed Mixers
VX315, VX415, VX515

Ssingle auger trailer mixers. Skid steer friendly, low profile, modular design. Can be equipped for low profile loading height under 100 inches. Right or left hand side discharge. Conveyors optional.

625, 745, 865, 1105, 1355, 1505

Double flighted twin augers and hydraulic drive system. Feed rises 42" per revolution to mix twice as fast. Two adjustable leading edges per auger allow you to maintain tolerance to edge.

Model A Series Vertical Mixers
1105A, 1355A, 1505A

Available in stationary, trailer, or truck with twin augers. Equipped with Automatic transmission drives. Easy access and serviceability for all critical components.

Model H Series Vertical Mixers
1105H, 1355H, 1505H

Availabe in truck, trailer or stationary with twin augers. Variable speed hydrostatic drives change screw RPM according to load. Auger performance guarantees shorter mix times.

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