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Grain Handling - NECO STIR-RITE Grain Stirring Machine


  • Safer Grain Storage
  • Speeds Drying Process
  • Gentle Grain Stirring
  • 15' - 48' Diameter Bins
  • 1 - 5 Down Auger Units

  • Positive Chain Drive
  • No Complex Reversing Devices
  • Increasing Pitch, Hard Surfaced Down Augers
  • Heavy Duty Gear Motor Drive
  • No Service Callbacks
  • Modular Design Decreases Inventory Requirements
  • Option of Fixed Outside Stirring Auger
  • Extra Heavy Duty "I" Beam Construction



This design suspends the inner end of the main beam in a way that permits the auger to move all the way to the bin center. The auger also comes within 7" of the bin wall. The beam connecting point is moveable to precisely mat the STIR-RITE to your bin.


The rotating contact is specifically designed for this application, provides electrical power to the STIR-RITE as it rotates around the bin. A moisture-right enclosure houses copper slip ring and braided wire contact featuring spring clips which ensure positive electrical contact. A special heater element is located inside the enclosure to drive out any moisture condensation during drying.



The gear motor and forged bevel gears supply power to the hardened steel track drive wheel. In the event that an auger encounters an obstruction in the bin, a shear pin is built into this drive to protect the mechanical components.


This prevents the possibility of slippage and is easy to adjust. Driven by a double pitch chain, the drive moves all trollies back and forth in unison. A pivot arm is attached to the outer trolley; is other end is attached to a special ink on the chain. The chain rotates around two sprockets. The pivot are simply follow the chain reversing direction when it goes around each sprocket. This simple drive eliminates the need for any mechanical switches.



The track uses the existing bin bolt hoes in most cases. The track is manufactured from heavy hot-rolled steel bar. It is designed not to sage even in the wettest grain.


This switch is enclosed in a moisture tight housing and is positioned at the outer end of the beam. It's purpose is to detect any trail-back of the stirring augers. This shuts down the beam and trolley movement until the augers have a chance to right themselves. This is important in deep, wet grain.

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