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Grain Dryers

Grain Handler - Continuous Mix-Flow Dryers
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  • With the Mix-Flow design, you are capable of drying all types of grains, including seed grains, at equal rates. Lower energy costs and higher retention time in the dryer results in a higher quality and test weight grain.
  • Gravitational separation of grains replaces conventional method of screen drying.
  • State of the art fuel-efficient Maxon Burners, capable of burning propane, butane, or natural gas.
  • 40-45 cfm of air per bushel compared to 80-100 cfm of air per bushel on conventional dryers.
  • Larger holding capacity allows grains to be tempered or heated up over a long period of time, which reduces heat stress cracking.
  • Food grade quality drying of any commodity.
  • 400 to 7,100 bph drying capability.
  • Grain stream is cascaded, gently tumbled, and continously mixed as it flows around a "honeycombed" arrangement of ducts.
  • Single internal vaporizer & burner.

Fan Under Continuous Mix-Flow Dryers (Commercial Design)

  • 3 models to choose from: Model 4824, Model 2416 and Model 1612
  • Grain Handler manufactures the only single phase drying system in the industry with up to 2,600 bph drying capability. (fan under models)
  • Single burner, single gas train, and single ignition system (on all models).
  • Efficient internal vaporizer system.
  • All G90 galvanized construction
  • Most advanced gas train available, designed to operate under low gas pressure.
  • Quit low speed centrifugal fans.
  • Advanced single control panel for automated protection and control of motor, burner, and grain-flow.

Side Fan Continuous Mix-Flow Dryers (Commercial Design)

  • 3 models to choose from: Model 806, Model 1207 and Model 1607
  • Continuous Mix-Flow Dryers are also available in the Side-Fan Models. (24' models through 20 tiers)
  • All models are designed with the "Enclosed Top" which eliminates moister problems associated with rain and snow exposure.
  • 1/2 duct on side columns assuring all grains to be mixed throughout the drying process. (all dryers)
  • Up to 911 bhp on a single phase with ehe side fan model.
  • Single burner and single control panel allows you to switch from natural gas to propane without extensive conversion.


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